ZUZA RECYCLING celebrates its Recycling Heroes - Tickets now available

‘Zuza Recycling shares in our vision to educate, empower the next generation about our amazing environment. With a good heart & the right resources anyone can make a difference. Please help us make the vision a reality!’ - Claire Shepherd, Director, Zuza Trading

To join the Celebration of our local schools’ Recycling Heroes

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JUST OPEN - Zuza's Christmas Range has arrived instore!

So pleased to be able to tell you that ZUZA’s Christmas range has made it across the oceans and is now all ready for you in our warehouse, online and in our local

A VERY CHRISTMAS POP UP SHOP in Maryport, Cumbria.

We have a lovely selection of handmade beaded tree and home decorations, festive animals and tealight holders.

handmade beaded tree decorations

Our runaway success story of 2018, our handy ethical storage boxes, KEEP-ET’s and I-PET’s and KLICKETY-KLICKS, all handmade from recycled plastic bottles, are also in stock again. Tjis time in various festive designs.

ALl designs are now in the Christmas shop on our website, so hurry to view them, before all the school children get their hands on them for teachers gifts. They are suitable for anyone, who like to be organised or who needs to get organised. From handbags to man drawers, these fabulous storage containers, for every day use have been a real success, whilst doing your bit for the Planet!

ethical christmas gifts recycled plastic boxes

If you have any questions please get in touch through the website or our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram, our team is on hand to assist you.

Many thanks

Claire x

Zuza co-hosts and launches the 'Womens Art Works' with new projects in Maryport, Cumbria

This new group is a collaboration of craftswomen and artists from in and around West Cumbria, who create and produce beautiful items, which are being exhibited for sale, in a new pop up shop over the next three months.

A Very Christmas POPupSHOP is on the corner of Crosby & Wood streets in Maryport and

Open Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10am - 4.30pm until the end of the year.

popupshop maryport


on Monday 16th July , just two days before the big day we celebrated with friends, clients and new friends alike.
We celebrated with pots and pots of MANDELA TEA, in all four varieties, cake and the well tested and tasted Koeksisters cake (it's like a donut but in my book even better) which is a plaited cake which is deep fried and drenched in sugar and syrup Oh my goodness, heaven on a plate.

We were so happy to welcome over 80 people to the event including a few expats, who added to the atmosphere.

Zuza Trading had a small pop up shop on the day, selling MANDELA TEA as special prices for the event, along with a selection of South African crafters' homewares,tote and makeup bags,  keyrings, KEEPets, I-pets and felt goods.

It was so successful we are planning to have a few more similar events around the county in the Autumn, especially the run up to the Christmas season offering our Christmas decorative range - so please do watch this space for more details on pop-up events .



Celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday

Nelson Mandela is deeply connected to South Africa’s international identity. To the world, he is an icon, but to South Africans he is Madiba. He represents the best parts of what we can identify in ourselves — courageous, strong-willed and, above all, caring.


This man has meant so much to so many South Africans, and has for decades been an inspiration to those who work for a better world. We celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday on the 18th July.

Although he is no longer with us the significance of his actions continues to inspire and elevate us.

Here are some ways that we can honour the centenary to his memory.

Support the Youth – we have the 16th June to commemorate Youth Day

Madiba ended his Youth Day speech in 1996 with this message to the youth,

                                    “The future is in your hands. Build it through hard work today.”

Now, in 2018, our youth are more vital than ever in creating a South Africa that we can all be proud of. But the youth of our country is at risk and need help and support to reach their potential.

For Mandela’s 100th birthday take a moment to consider how you can pass on wisdom, skills and experience that you have to the younger generation. Positive role models are the most valuable thing young people can be exposed to. Be one.

Give the Gift of Reading – “The Nelson Mandela School Library Project”

Reading is a vital developmental skill, and Nelson Mandela was a champion of reading and literacy with good reason; children raised in homes with books are more likely to graduate from school and university than those who do not have access to literature.

This is the reason we donate a portion of the profits from Mandela Tea to “The Nelson Mandela School Library Project”. Take time on Madiba’s centenary to read a book to a child.

Keep-it Safe, Keep-it handy, Keep-it organised...

How many loose items to you have in the bottom of your handbag, in the kids school bags, in the car or in your man drawer?

I've just checked my current handbag and I have a couple of batteries, three lipstick, 7 pens, 2 tangled string earphones, 1 charger, loose change and a few pieces of jewellery I had thought I had lost!

We have the answer to all your little problems, clever Eco- storage 'The Keep-it'. Made by innovative crafters in South Africa, who use plastic bottles in many sizes to create these simple yet inspired containers. With a zip for secure closure, available in blue, green, red, purple and orange. Larger sized Keep-its are available for storing medium and larger items: make-up brushes, crayons, sweets, make-up or travel toiletries.  Colours available: Ornage, red, green, blue, purple.Only £4.99

Visit our shop here for secure purchasing........

keepet keepit


handy, safe, organised

unlimited uses...

unlimited uses...