The Zuza Connection - Issue 1

New Wholesale Catalogue

Fresh off the presses........

After a great deal of work, we have finally completed our more concise catalogue.  The 2018 catalogue is only 24 pages compared with last year’s 40 pages monster.   We have far more graphics in the new catalogue with easy to read product codes.  The new catalogue also includes some of our new product lines, such as the Nelson Mandela Range and our new Marine Animal Range.  We have included information on our Wholesale ordering process, making it easier to buy in bulk.  The catalogue is also available for download on our website:


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West House Project

Helping a local Cumbrian Charity

During 2017, a partnership arrangement was set up between Zuza Trading and West House (a charity based in Cumbria).  The West House Charity does amazing work providing support to adults with learning disabilities.  Zuza Trading and is delighted to be able to provide opportunities to clients from Wests House to enable them to become “employment ready” and to ensure that our products are checked, tagged, bar-coded and packed, ready for delivery to our customers all over the UK and Europe.   Sean Burke and Kane Towers have done amazing work helping us get our products ready to go to the customers. 

If you would like information on how you could help West House, you can visit their website:

 The West House Team, Scott, Sean and Kane

The West House Team, Scott, Sean and Kane

E-Commerce Shop

Online shop now available

Exciting online news!  We recently launched our new E-Commerce Shop.  You will be able to purchase most of our most popular online products directly from  Just click on the shop and view all the goodies we have available for online sales.  We will run specials for online sales only so make sure you keep looking at the shop, you never know you could pick a real bargain!  Once orders have been placed and paid for we will get them to you in 5 working days.  Below are some of the items currently on the online shop.

If you wish to see more of our products, send us an email to and we will advise you of  stockists near you

 Love Bean and Pewter Candlesticks available from our online store

Love Bean and Pewter Candlesticks available from our online store

 Some of the recycled Shwe Shwe products available.

Some of the recycled Shwe Shwe products available.


26 FEBRUARY 2018 TO 11 MARCH 2018 

Fair Trade is about making sure that farmers and workers earn a fair living.  This involves working in safe conditions and being paid a reasonable amount for the goods they produce.  If you see the Fairtrade mark on items in your local shop, this is a sign that the people who helped make these products have been treated fairly. What is BAFTS?  The British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers is a network of shops and suppliers who are dedicated to promoting Fair trade retail in the UK.  We are proud to say that Zuza Trading is a member of the BAFTS network.  BAFTS is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation and they subscribed to upholding the 10 Principles of Fair Trade.  These principles are:

1.     Creating opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged producers

2.   Transparency and Accountability

3.    Fair Trading Practices

4.    Payment of a Fair price

5.    Ensuring no Child/Forced labour

6.    Commitment to non-discrimination, gender equity, and freedom of association

7.    Ensuring Good working conditions

8.    Promoting fair trade

9.    Respect for the environment

All products sourced by Zuza Trading are done so with the above principles in mind.

For more information on BAFTS please visit their website 


 Keep an eye out for the Fair trade logo and make sure your products adhere to the 10 principles of Fair Trade

Keep an eye out for the Fair trade logo and make sure your products adhere to the 10 principles of Fair Trade

“It always seems impossible until it is done”
— Nelson Mandela


We are delighted to have two West House Clients join ZUZA Trading and become a link in our  Fair Trade chain that goes all the way back to South Africa. Sean Burke and Kane Towers are a very important part of the ZUZA Trading Team, helping ensure that the products are checked when they arrive from South Africa and pack, tag and barcode for sending out to our Customers in UK and Europe.

Read all about this in the recent News & Star -West Cumbria feature article published on Friday 24th November 2017.






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Giraffes visit The Netherlands

A very wonderful tale to share of the recent adventures of Tinika's Travels to The Nertherlands. A great opportunity to join Northern Powerhouse on  Trade Mission to The Netherlands in October 2017.


We boarded the Overnight Ferry at Hull destinated for Rotterdam and Tinika did not want to travel alone so Jan joined us for the journey.   We all enjoyed an evening of networking and finding out the program for Trade Mission The Netherlands


Arriving in Rotterdam on Wednesday morning we had a busy day, but a little time was allocated to taking in a few sights and a quick visit to local Dutch market in Amsterdam. Tinika was very keen to try out the Dutch Cheese but not sure it was really something she enjoyed, posing for the camera, that was something she did enjoy!



A busy day of meetings, finding out, more details about the Dutch gift market and an opportunity to meet some Dutch Buyers. A night in Amsterdam with Tinika and Jan enjoying themselves and getting lots of photo opportunity with The Dutch......

The next day was spent visiting various shops, and ZUZA Trading took the opportunity to visit some of the world class Zoos located in Amsterdam. Very positive feedback about ZUZA product range and some interest from potential stockists. 

So as we were taught to say in Amsterdam, it was "mooi" and we really enjoyed our time in The Netherlands and let's hope we are back again soon visiting some new stockists. 

British Museum stocks ethical product range

British Museum stocks ethical product range

The British Museum in London opens a major exhibition tomorrow (27 October) entitled South Africa: The Art of a Nation.  In this exhibition, a diverse range of art from across the ages tells a story that stretches back 100,000 years.  Claire Shepherd, a South African living in Bassenthwaite (Cumbria), has secured an order for her firm, Zuza Trading, of more than 9,000 units from the British Museum to stock the exhibition gift shop.

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Ethical toys ‘born’ in South Africa look forward to meeting British babies

Ethical toys ‘born’ in South Africa look forward to meeting British babies

Here at Zuza Trading, we’re very excited to introduce you to our new range of gifts for babies. They are made of Shwe Shwe, a printed dyed cotton fabric widely used for traditional Sotho (South Africa and Lesotho) clothing. The fabric is manufactured in a variety of colours and printing designs characterised by intricate geometric patterns. Due to its timeless popularity, Shwe Shwe has been described as the denim (or tartan) of South Africa.

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Have a Merry 'Ethical' Christmas...?

Have a Merry 'Ethical' Christmas...?

Zuza Trading, the UK importer of hand crafted home décor and Christmas decorations sourced from income generation projects in South Africa, has published its new Christmas product catalogue, which we think you'll just love. We love it because we know how important each and every purchase is to our crafters in South Africa; sales of their crafts provide shelter, food, clothing and education for their children and families. 

Make your Christmas special this year.

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