British Ethical Trading Accreditation Awarded to Zuza Trading

Zuza Trading, the Cumbrian UK importer of hand crafted home décor and Christmas decorations sourced from income generation projects in South Africa, has been awarded supplier accreditation by the British Association of Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS).  

The Ten Principles of Fair Trade

BAFTS is a recognised as a national fair trade association by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and adheres to its Ten Principles of Fair Trade. In a nutshell, the principles seek to create opportunities for disadvantaged producers by means of fair trade practices and accountability. This entails payment of a fair wage, no child or forced labour, gender equity, lack of discrimination, good working conditions, and respect for the environment. BAFTS members must demonstrate transparency in their supply chains by referencing these ten principles.

Supporting South African Crafters

The purpose of BAFTS is to unite its members in a core purpose in bring about fundamental changes in the status of developing world producers through fair trade retailing and campaigning.  Zuza Trading aims to do this by supporting crafters employed by community projects in the KwazuluNatal region of South Africa.  Individuals are selected to work on various projects with the purpose of providing a skill that will generate an income for people from various communities, either with high unemployment, single mothers or people living with HIV and AIDS from established support groups in South Africa.

Crafters work from their homes in the townships. Raw materials are issued to each of the crafters and, on completion, the stock is delivered by them back to the project centres. Completed crafts are quality checked, new orders are issued, new raw materials issued and payment is made directly into the crafters' bank accounts based on each completed order. Income earned by the crafters allows them to provide shelter, food, clothing and education for their children and families.

Ethics at our Core

Zuza Trading has a strong ethical policy; in fact, it's at the very core of what we do.  We strive:

  • To acknowledge and promote the unique and talented crafters based in South Africa to exciting new international markets;
  • To pay a fair price for our products that reflects the details and craftsmanship that is involved;
  • To work with the same suppliers year after year so that their businesses develop alongside ours;
  • To visit our suppliers and crafts people in South Africa to develop new products and provide feedback from our customers;
  • To offer a contemporary flavour of Africa to our customers who are looking for something different which has been ethically sourced; and
  • To support various income generation projects in South Africa to enable the crafters to better the quality of their lives and to ensure that they are able to earn a sustainable living from their artistic creativity and craftsmanship.

By being awarded BAFTS accreditation, Zuza Trading joins fair trade shops and suppliers promote social justice for the producers of the goods they sell. Zuza Trading will work with other members to create an alternative model to conventional international trade; a model in which human rights are at the top of the agenda.

Claire Shepherd of Zuza Trading, a South African who now lives near Cockermouth in Cumbria, was delighted to be awarded the BAFTS accreditation: “BAFTS provides us with an opportunity to trade transparently with likeminded business owners, who value the sourcing and the crafter who produce these amazing products.  Our ethical responsibility is at the very core of our business and it’s great that BAFTS have recognised this and that we can unite with other members to support, promote and engage with fair trade.”

A Vision for a Fair Trade Christmas

Zuza Trading’s product range utilises various recycled and natural materials. All our products have been ethically sourced and will bring colour and joy to any home, an ideal gift for the ethically minded person.  If you are interested in finding out more about our product range, please contact us to request a wholesale price list.

If you are looking for Christmas decorations and gifts with a difference, then it’s not too late to order for Christmas 2016. Order before end of July 2016 to guarantee delivery by end of September 2016.


Claire Shepherd

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