Wendy's Story

Wendy is originally from the Cape Town area but left to go to the Eastern Cape for schooling before returning home again. She now lives with her three brothers and seven year old daughter. Wendy discovered she was HIV+ late in 2002 after she was diagnosed with TB. When she was at the hospital receiving treatment for TB the doctors suggested that she attend a clinic and voluntarily get tested, so she did. Finding out about her HIV status was the most difficult day of her life. She couldn't bring herself to tell anyone and held it inside. Eventually, she disclosed her status to her sister (who is also HIV+) and her aunt, who both showed support for her, but still does not feel comfortable disclosing to the rest of her family because she is worried they will not accept her. She knows that the most important thing is that she accepts it for herself and tries to lead a normal life. 

Wendy came to Wola Nani in 2003 in order to be part of the support groups and for the opportunity of receiving food parcels. Soon after, she joined the income generation programme making light bulbs. She laughs and says "I never stop working." She enjoys making the crafts for Wola Nani, as it gives her the opportunity to earn money to send her daughter to school and provide food for her family. She no longer has to rely on the monthly food parcels. Her motto to get through life, as well as advice to others, is to practice patience.