Beaded White Standing Angel Tealight Holder

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Beaded White Standing Angel Tealight Holder

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Bead and wire crafting is an original African Art Form. African Men would spend spare time, partially due to high unemployment creating recycled crafts froms scrap wire, tin and other materials. This has become known as Township Art. The wire framing is mostly done by men, as it requires considerable strength in addition to skill.     ZUZA Trading has a very contemporary and colourful range of Christmas decorations. Bring some colour and joy to your house this Christmas with these amazing handmade festive decorations.

Unique handcrafted Chirstmas Deocrations, made with love in South Africa, as part of various Income Generation projects.

XM05 Standing Beaded Angel Tealight Holder
Colour Mix: Wirework and White beads

Height: 36cm
Care Instructions: This is not a TOY

Please be careful when using any tealights with our christmas products. Why not use a a small battery operated LED tealight instead. Your tealight angel promises to create a wonderful festive feel in any room, no matter what size.