This Eco-project involves transforming parts of waste plastic bottles into two storage container type products with many uses including the very popular I-PET and KEEPET.
Both products can be personalised with graphics to meet corporate branding or key messages and affirmations.
This is based on an established project in South Africa and has retailed these products for 9 years in South Africa and recently exporting to Europe and USA.
The founding member of the SA project will provide expert advice to help the U.K. version of the project get established.

A Pilot project will start in early Spring 2019 with a collaboration of 10 schools in and around Maryport and we then aim to introduce the project to school clusters in Workington, Whitehaven and Barrow along the Cumbria coastline, following our Pilot.

The Pilot will also allow the time for Zuza Recycling a new Social Enterprise to be setup and for suitable funding options to be explored for the bigger project.

The project mandate is under-pinned by 2 principles:

1) Empowerment: of individuals with less than average life chances I.e. disadvantaged backgrounds and physical/learning disabilities.

2) Education: of the next generation about the fragility of the natural environment and how we can make a difference to stop irreversible damage.


If you are interested in learning more or are interested in sponsoring this social enterprise pilot project, please contact Claire.
Claire Shepherd-